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Holistic interlocking solutions

iQcom offer's today business all essentials to run securely their Business.

Single VoIP Accounts, certified SIP Trunks and an outstanding iQPBX. Granularity & flat rates.
Mobile GSM & LTE Subscriptions with optional Flat Rate Packages & Roaming. OnNet Services.
Copper & Fiber Internet Access up to 10 Gigabit per Second. Subnets & SLA optional available.
Mobile SD-WAN up to 1 GBit/s with VPN, ViPnet. Multi-path or Bonding. Cloud Controller. WiFi 6. Battery 7 hrs.
Private Cloud as a Service. iQshare, qTeams, Protelion CryptoCore, KerioConnect, iQ LNKR, iQmeet and more...
Digital TV with 30 days Replay TV, Unlimited Recordings Apps, STB, Android & AppleTV and WebTV.
L2/L3 Networks, Firewalls, Switches, Access Points, Protelion CryptoCore, VPN, SDWAN. LoRa. Remote Working. Remote Areas.
From Code refactoring to a scalable automated deployment. Hardware Design and Multi-Datacenter Load Balancing.
Solar Power & Intelligent High Capacity Modular Storage Solutions. For Home & Business. Foldable, Rollable. Scalable.
Bluetti Power

Modular On & Off-Grid Power

Bluetti Power delivers an unbeatable Performance & User Experience with its modular, portable Power Stations, Inverters and Solar Panels. Whenever you plan an Off-grid, On-grid or Home Backup Solution, as a Craftsman in abandoned places, or a comfortable VanLife, Bluetti will be your best friend.

Explore Bluetti Power

Modular On & Off-Grid Power
Shingled Solar Panels

BlueSun Shingled Solar Panels

The latest technology in Solar Modul Manufacturing in terms of long lasting, no over heat spots and no corroded welding points. With 30 years warranty, TUV, ETL, CSA, CE, ISO certified, the Panels delivers also by shaded conditions trough cloudy weather, the best you can get.

Explore Bluesun Solar Modules

BlueSun Shingled Solar Panels
Solar PowerFilms

Energy harvesting anywhere

The flexible monocristaline Solar Powerfilm, can be applied to Trucks, Sun blinds, Backpacks, Shutter Systems, Energy Harvesting reach a new Dimension. Even Indoor. Application specific Patterns & Designs as you need!

Explore Custom Applications

Energy harvesting anywhere

Our VoIP Offers

18 Years in VoIP. Porting-in from 159 Countries.
  • VoIP Account
  • 1.25
  • 15.00
  • per Account
  • 1 SIP Account
  • 1 DID for free
  • 1 Voice Channel
  • Minute Rates 6/60
  • Flat rate available
  • SIP Trunk
  • 10.00
  • 120.00
  • per Trunk
  • each add. Channel 2.50 monthly
  • 2 DIDs
  • 2 Voice Channels
  • Unlimited Inbound
  • Minute Rates per Second
  • Optional Flat rates
  • iQcom PBX SoHo
  • 20.00
  • 240.00
  • per Company
  • each add. User CHF 2.50 monthly
  • 3 DIDs
  • 5 Users & 5 Lines
  • iQcom PBX
  • Apps & Auto-Provisioning
  • Flat Rates available
  • iQcom PBX Business
  • 38.00
  • 456.00
  • per Company
  • each add. User CHF 2.50 monthly
  • 5 DIDs
  • 10 Users & 10 Lines
  • iQcom PBX
  • Apps & Auto-Provisioning
  • Flat Rates available
Unbeatable in performance. Also in price.
Comparison Table VoIP

“What is the difference?”

Add. Lines & Numbers
Call Routing
On your end
Video calls & Chat
CHF 1.25/mo
CHF 20.–/month
CHF 38.–/mo

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Last week we had the pleasure to host our partner Wells from Bluetti Power in China, more precisely from Shenzen, at iQcom (Switzerland) for a few days where technology enthusiasts were among themselves.
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Since the launch of the iQcom customer portal, which was very well received by our customers and partners, there were two three suggestions for improvement, which we have now implemented for the integrated eShop and surface functions...
/ reviews Blog
For nearly 15 years, everyone at our company - we are all macOS users without exception, not least for reasons that even SAP has noted, have relied on Apple Photos, at times on Apple Aperture and Adobe Light Room, both privately as users and as users in business.
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We are music fans. And of course, we've been iTunes lovers since the very beginning, when Steve Jobs introduced his "Rip, Mix & Burn" version to not only put pressure on the music industry, but also turn it upside down.

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