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Custom Applications, Energy & Storage

We do custom application and industry partnerships for PV & Battery-Storage Applications, to increase the power harvesting in:

  • Sun-blinds (rollable or hinged)
  • Windows & Glass facades elements
  • Trucks
  • ARV's
  • Camper & Caravan
  • Tents
Emergency & Disaster Backup
  • 20f / 40f Container
  • Truck trailers
  • Up to 1 MegaWatt Hours
We work both with manufacturers of products special applications to series production, as well as with private individuals and companies for conversions of vehicles. Simply connect with us. While several fields we cover in-house, we also connect peoples and companies together to make things happen. Both for prototyping or industrial scale. Simply share your idea with us.

Custom Applications Connectivity

We are known for Mobile & SDWAN Solutions, both stationary and agile applications:

LTE Antenna & LoRa
  • External LTE Mu-Mimo Antennas (Wall or Roof Mounted)
  • Mobile LTE Mu-Mimo Antennas (Events or Disaster Recovery)
  • LoRa Antennas (Mesh or Repeaters)
  • Vehicel Antennas for RVs, Camper, Vans

We developed over the years adjustable solutions, made out of Chrome steel, highly adjustable to catch the best signal, both for Mobile and Fix-Installations. It includes also Transport Cases. Fix installation can take Wind load up to 290km/h where mobile installation is limited to 120 km/h Wind load.

Since the LTE solution does not involve signal boosters, no planning application and no regulatory approval is required.

Upon request, we are happy to provide case studies of solutions we have implemented for global corporations.