Grid Cashback

Since 2020, there has been global consensus that the energy supply of the future will be decentralized. While some regions rely on more privatized local power producers, others encourage feeding power into the public grid at market prices.

In the medium and long term, this model will prevail, where the private solar plants are also part of the power generation. This opens up new perspectives for homeowners as well as owners of industrial buildings.

If you look back a few years, a photovoltaic solar system has paid for itself only after 7-12 years, depending on the dimension and earning power. Nowadays, a solar systems around 40KW, feeding into the grid can now be a good investment which gets paid out within 1-3 years.

Since spring 2022, many local power producers increased the feed-in rate from former 3 cents per KW up to 24 cents per KW within the factor 8 and seems likely that the same rate applies for grid feeders, as their local consumers has to pay. So, regardless if you are interested in Solar as a renewable source of energy, to secure and harvest much as possible for your own requirements, or as an Investment, it's time to the math.

What I have to do ?

You talk with your local energy supplier when you start the project about its size, and plans how much you will feed into the grid and together with your local electrician, you get the things done. It's a standardized process.

Where I can find local Market prices for the grid cash back ?

A good starting point to check out the rates is:

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