Technologies we support

Depending on Application, we deliver MobileWAN as Multi-path Uplinks or as managed bonding Service, where beside of Tunneling as well Layer 2 and Layer 3 Routing takes effect.


The advantage of this Algorithm is, suitable especially for low latency streaming services or mobile moving Applications, such as in Trucks/Cars with several SIM Cards and may other WAN Technologies, that it doesn’t require any Datacenter Hub. Equipped with 2 SIM Cards or more, you can reach 1GB/s Up and Downlinks with 5G. And of course you can still use VPN or ViPnet as a Service as pass-through application.


With a Datacenter hub, you bond your devices Uplink - Channels to a virtual MPLS, assign fixed IP Subnets which can reach the Infrastructure, like in any datacenter, anywhere you want.

Regardless which kind of Network topology your organization works with, you can connect branches, employees and remote workers to a high secure communication network, where you can apply policy based routings, ACLs and with its Layer 2/3 routing features, also work with VLAN’s inside the tunnels.

Seamless VPN Load Balancing


Optimizes distribution of data streams over all available networks. With a comprehensive view of network quality indicators, pre-empts network failure and reroutes traffic intelligently. When use with PHANTOM VPN, application traffic moves between networks with no service interruption.


In addition to VRRP, a router can connect to multiple PHANTOM instances, and automatically switch to the optimal one (e.g., lowest latency) for the moment (e.g., while in a moving vehicle or roaming internationally).

SQM: the Smarter QoS


Video and audio traffic can now enter its own queue/flow, no longer being blocked by other types of traffic. Lower volume flows have shorter queues and higher ‘flow rates’ while larger senders have higher queue delays. This approach results in a more balanced and responsive traffic flow, especially in cases of competing bandwidth demands.

Security built-in

PHANTOM uses WireGuard, a modern, high performant VPN with state-of-the-art cryptography. Every tunnel used in a connection is encapsulated with WireGuard. And for absolute high-end security, you can tunnel between the P2P VPN Service from Protelion VPN with its CryptoCore.

GPS & Geolocation Support

By its default, its deactivated, but optional available GPS receivers allows geographical specific use of SIM Cards, for example to prevent roaming costs or trough-put benefits, since many Mobile Providers prioritize local subscriber among roaming-subscriber, based on the inter-carrier agreement (value of subscription). An ideal solution for cross-border traffic.

Happy Passengers

Happy Passengers

Mobile High-Availability Internet in Buses, Cars, Trucks makes not only your Passengers happy, its also useful for asset tracking.

Happy Passengers
On the Water

Connecting the unconnected

On Water, on the Valley or Summit. MoblileWAN let you connect abandoned place and its also an enabler for Digital Signage.

Connecting the unconnected
PoS - Revenue

POS - securing your revenue

The majority of today's payments are cashless. Therefore it's important, your terminals always online, even one provider struggles.

POS - securing your revenue

Work anywhere. Connected.

Regardless if you need to connect your Remote-Office Workers, or you would like to simplify your Device Management and Policy driven routing & access. MobileWAN and the Nimbus Cloud is the future proof solution.

Work anywhere. Connected.

MobileWAN Routers

For every use case the right Hardware. From agile Mobile, Vehicles to Rack Version.

  • Up to 1GB/s with 2 SIM
  • 7 Hours Mobile Power with 130W pass-trough
  • Request Offer

Mobile Go2 Router

It powers your Mobile 5G Internet up to 7 Hours and with WiFi 6 all your Devices.

10'000 mAh
Lithium Polymer Battery last 7 Hours. Supports USB-C power-trough, so you can use your MacBook charger to power 2 Devices simultaneous.
Travel PowerPlug
The Power Adapter includes a Switch Mechanism for all Country Plugs and works either with 110V or 240V Circuits. Includes all comon adapter for traveling.
All Bands Worldwide
Supports all Carrier & Bands around the World are supported with the 2 built-in 5G Modems. From Edge to 5G, max 950Mbit/s Surf Speed. Features for Geeks included.
2 SIM Cards
Plug 2 Cards on it, from 2 different Provider and you are always with good speed and bandwith online. Ton's of Options for geeks & experts.
WiFi 6
Includes WiFi6 and Support A-N Codecs for older Devices too. State of the Art Protections against Hijacking Wifi Signal included.
Firewall with Load Balancer, VPN & Bonding Options, VLAN Support. At Home or Office connect WAN to Router. Gigabit Adapters.


Some of our MobileWAN References

Corner Bank

Nimbus Cloud Controller

A remote administration system for easy cloud-based management of MobileWAN devices.

With the convenience of a fleet management Software, you categorize your MobileWAN Device in Locations,
Branches, User Groups and you can batch update certain valuable settings, such as
a firmware update, corporate WiFi settings, or remote access the device configuration.

You also reboot devices, manage SIM cards or get inside statistic for traffic,
dynamic load balancing and carrier informations.

If Geo Location is enabled, you also can locate the traveling device.


Did you know ?

To never be offline again, you can power any MobileWAN Router with Backup Power from Bluetti.

Be smart

Did you know ?
Protelion VPN

Go stealth

Using MobileWAN encrypted Phantom Tunnels with Protelion P2P VPN inside equals Intel outside.

Go stealth

Go stealth