AC Series

The AC Series from Bluetti, developed from the ground up for modular, scalable energy supply, offers you all possibilities technically available and its best: It's portable. The Groundbreaking Design of the AC Series, Plug & Play User Experience, combined with the possibility of multiple energy in and outputs, where you can recharge also your Bluetti simultaneous over multiple sources of power, offers unbeatable Surge Power to fulfill all your power demands. Expandable with the Bluetti Battery Expansion Module, up to 36 KWh, suitable for Off-Grid, Home Backup for your On-Grid Setup or Mobile Application, Campers and Work Anywhere.

  • AC200Max
  • 1899.00
  • Expandable Power Station, 2200W | 2048Wh
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  • AC300
  • 1499.00
  • Inverter Module Generator | 3000 W Power
  • Explore AC300
  • AC500
  • 2199.00
  • Inverter Module Generator
  • Explore AC500

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