Planning & Realization

When you have decided, to take the Power in your Hands with all the products and solutions iQcom and its Partners offers you for more longterm Security, Backup and Energy Cost Management, we also support you not only with products and services, but also with a few noteworthy tips and considerations to start your project.

We support you

iQcom supports your Family, Business or Team and we also published some helpful resources for your first planing steps, what you need to consider.

All our Solutions are Plug & Play, except those for industrial scale. Ideally for DIYer's but if you need professional support from A-Z, a dedicated team supports you from the idea, calculation and design. For mounting up to professional acceptance and going on-grid, off-grid, we referring you to a local partner and contractor

Clear goals help to achieve the expectations
Apply for state or local subsidy Programs
iQcom supports your Project Budget
Supply your Neighbour & earn money
Feed the grid and get paid
We offer free consulting. Contact us.

Take the power
in your own hands!