Retrofit your Service Cars

and make use of your built-in Alternator

Bi-directional feeding

Whether you're a handcrafter, insurance broker or service professional, everything from cordless screwdrivers to line welders to printers run on battery power.

How about installing an affordable power source in your vehicle that can quickly and reliably charge all your devices quickly and reliably, so that your employees do not lose unproductive time ? IImagine: According to surveys, 85% of on-site visits are insufficient in time to recharge the battery packs of machines or printers for mobile workers or service staff.

And best of all, can also be charged shortly while driving via the existing alternator of your vehicle, without the need for solar power?
And in an emergency can also bi-directionally jump start the vehicle?

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With a capacity to retrofit 20-30 Vehicles a day, we retrofit whole fleets affordable.

Fitting-in Bluetti
Planing & fitting in a AC200MAX (2KWh) or any other Model, based on targets.
Professional Cabling
Professional wiring and dimensioning of the wires trough existing car channels.
Connecting Alternator
Connecting built-in Alternator with 500W re-charge energy supply, with an additional up to 1000W.
Vehicle control approved
Everything according to the TÜV/MFK/MVC Standards. No visible changes on Console.

The costs are manageable

For 2 KWh power on the road, an installation is estimated at an average price of CHF 3000.

That is in average 12x less than the cost of your productivity loss calculated over one year.

Built to last
Unrivaled Longevity

Suitable Bluetti Power Stations

Even modular & granular up to your needs.

Bluetti AC200 Max
Versatile Power anywhere
Explore AC200Max
Key into Superior Off-grid Power
Explore AC300
Mobile Expansion Batteries
Extend your AC 200 / AC300 up to 26 KWh
Explore B300

Bluetti RV 12V Cables

AC200P 12V 25A
AC200MAX 12V 30A
AC300 12V 30A
EP500pro 12V 30A

Bluetti external Battery Cables

P090D-To -C7909 (EB150-240)
P090DToMC4 (EP500pro)
P090DToXT90 (AC200-P)