iQcom Energy Solutions

The future of energy harvesting is decentralized, mixed between local pro-sumers, which produce and consume electricity and smaller power-plants from local market players.

Renewable. Affordable. Connected.

For years we have been connecting people. Remote places. Robotic factories. Vehicles. Journalists. Rescue teams.

We connect them with MobileWAN solutions from iQcom, bundling different WAN media like satellite. Fiber. VDSL and LTE to virtual leased lines. Or configure multipath WAN up to 1GB/s even in the furthest valley in the Alps.

We make sure that in case of natural disasters, provider outage, people can work, talk. That rescue teams can coordinate. That factories can produce.

Now we also take care of the energy supply. Off-grid and on-grid. With and without the necessary power storage. For home, in the company, in the hospital, in the train, in the truck, in the IoT device, in the LTE radio cell, in the outdoor area, for travelers and for craftsmen.

What many people don't know

Some of us have solar roofs. And every tech or environment enthusiasts believes, if you have solar on the roof, you are save in case of a power outage or energy crisis.

If your house has solar and feeding the grid, and your local energy supplier has an outage, then your house will be offline too. Unless you have a good powerful battery storage for your harvested energy, which includes an UPS function, to seamless bridge the outtage. All our solutions can be retrofitted to existing solar systems, so that you can also get the most out of them. Simply contact us to get support for your project.

A contributing Tech Partnership

iQcom has taken over the distribution of Bluetti Power, Power Oak and Powerfilms Solar for Switzerland, EU and Middle East as of 1.12.2021. For this purpose, warehousing and logistics were also set up at our new location.

No matter what project you want to tackle with energy and storage. Our newly created team will support you. Their experience from their work for electricity plant over the past 10 years, as well for off-grid projects results in a huge benefit for our customers. And in addition to custom applications, we can also custom manufacture targeted rollable, foldable monocrystalline solar cells. And we can power IoT devices directly with solar, without the need for a battery.

Of course, we didn't just start doing this today. We've done dozens of projects with these companies in the public, private and military sectors. But as of today, we're doing it for everyone.

Bluetti is and will remain unrivaled in performance, price/performance and level of innovation in the near future.

We collaborate and share ideas from the user directly into the product design with all of our Partners. Agile.

We support you

iQcom supports your Family, Business or Team and we also published some helpful resources for your first planing steps, what you need to consider.

All our Solutions are Plug & Play, except those for industrial scale. Ideally for DIYer's but if you need professional support from A-Z, a dedicated team supports you from the idea, calculation, mounting up to professional acceptance and going on-grid, off-grid.

Clear goals help to achieve the expectations
Apply for state or local subsidy Programs
iQcom supports your Project Budget
Supply your Neighbour & earn money
Feed the grid and get paid
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Solar Energy

We provide from foldable monochristaline panels, rollable solar films up to sturdy modules for energy harvesting. Integration into your Sun blinds for additional Power when needed, or into your Windows glass.

Single shielded 700W
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350 Watt
Mobile foldable Power
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Modular Battery Storage

You can extend or Home, Cabine, Camper or Work-Van modular with the Bluetti Modular Battery Expansions Modules, up to 37KWh. And you can run the systems even parallel and double it to 72 KWh.

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Become independent
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Water & Rain

Technology enthusiasts and engineers work at iQcom. And we like to work on crazy things. Like Viktor Schauberger, who said more than 100 years ago that mankind would get ahead if it learned to understand and copy nature.... So stay tuned. Low-tec meets High-tec.

Let alone what our ancestors knew everything.