Feed your Neighbour

There are situations in Life, for example if you live in a double or triple family house, that your neighbor doesn’t want to participate with the cost of a PV Solar Installation with a Home Backup.

But for sure they will, if there is an outage and you have Power. For such cases, you can run the project by your self, and our solutions offers you, with built-in software and meters, that you can either feed your neighbors home entirely, based on the same rates he pays on the local electric supplier, or you can allocate him a Port and Cable, where he get simply backup-power in case of a blackout of his supplier, also to the local current rate, but into your pocket.

Our solution is sophisticated, encrypted and sports a Dashboard with Live Statistics, like actual current, usage, peak, and rates for all Power Ports and its also included automatic billing to your neighbor, with your Bank Payment Instructions. Nothing to worry about. Data Protection included.

We believe, there are only solutions in Life and with a little communication effort, both are benefiting from it.

How it works

Depending on your local Setup with Bluetti Power Stations, Solar Modules and Grid Inbound Feeding, you can define one or more Power Outlet Sockets for your Neighbour and you connect this to the electric-circuit to your neighbors home.

To enable this feature, where we also support you with technical drawings and assistance, you can fill out the application form below. We will send you the technical documentation and sketches, and based on your Living Area, also qualified Electrician Companies, which partnered with us.

Take the power
in your own hands!