Investor Relations

iQcom is present in multiple countries with own entities but with the same product portfolio except leased fiber and coper lines in our telco offerings.

  • iQcom (Switzerland) GmbH, Markets: D-A-CH
  • iQcom s.p.zoo, Markets: PL - East Europe
  • iQcom (EurAsia) LLC, Markets: AM, Caucasus

In these countries where we are operating, we also have the exclusivity of the sole distribution of the products and brands we offer in energy business and network hardware/infrastructure.

The mixed business model of subscription based solution providing, b2b and b2c with a reseller tier, as well hardware reselling of energy products, with own warehousing and logistics, ensures well balanced and diversified revenue income stream over several industries and applications. Both in service delivery and logistics, a high degree of automation ensures low operating cost.

Signing of Bonds

If you are interested to invest / lend money for growth and expansion, primary for sustainable, clean energy harvesting, we have 2 Programs with Bonds available for our swiss entity iQcom (Schweiz) GmbH for Warehouse Stocking of Energy Harvesting Products only:

Short term lending bond

  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Interest rate: 7%

Mid term lending bond

  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Interest rate: 6.25%

Please note, the capital will be used to increase our stock in warehouse and not financing any other business operations. Resell-able physically goods only.

The signing of the Bonds runs over but can be initiated with our Executives as well.

Fore more Informations, please do not hesitate to contact us over the contact form.

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