Protelion VPN as a Service

Peer to Peer VPN

The only real secure VPN

Developed in accordance with world recognized standards such as FIPS 140-2, Protelion VPN Channel Protection allow you to establish secure connections between the network objects of any topology (client to client, server to server, client to server, client to server group and so on) regardless of the physical type of the communication channel, physical network topologies, and the connection type (fixed or mobile).

One Solution - many possibilities

iQcom's Protelion VPN as a Service includes a Security Gateway & Security Management Center (SMC) for your Organizations, Groups of Users, Groups of Devices, Devices, DNS Profiles and Domain Controller. It also allows you to register any additional Coordinator to any on-premise or cloud network as you need. Furthermore, you can establish Peer 2 Peer Partner Organization-Requests, which can be adjusted granular on Permission Level, to manage Factory or Customer Nodes at a glance. With a decentralized Peer2Peer VPN Network.

Further more, you can firewall the traffic between nodes, the Protelion Enterprise Messenger Application for all Operating Systems let you enjoy truly encrypted P2P Voice and Video Calls, Screen-sharing, Rich Media Chat and Encrypted File Transfers. And since its technology encrypts every IP Packet with a different key, you can relay on Privacy. Even for cross-border Communications (ERTC).
Protelion Security Gateway (HW)
Security gateway, firewall, VPN Server Appliance
Protelon Security Gateway (VA)
Protelion Security Gateway, Firewall, VPN Virtual Appliance
Protelion Security Gateway HW-RPi
Compact VPN Security Gateway with Firewall based on RaspberryPi
Protelion Security Gateway IG
Security Gateway, Firewall, VPN server for industrial/embedded systems
Protelion Security Management Center
Management Center as a Service, with own CPNS Push Servers
SMC Visibility Center
An integral part of Protelion SMC
SMC Policy Manager
An integral part of Protelion SMC. Manages firewall security policies centrally, granular, per user or device group.
Protelion VPN
End-user Software for Desktop & Mobile User, Node Client for Linux & Docker

Protelion as a Service

Real security and privacy was never easier and more affordable.
  • Protelion VPN Single Client
  • 6.00
  • 66.00
  • per Client
  • Protelion VPN Client & Messenger
  • Protelion as Service
  • Protelion SGV
  • Protelion SMC
  • Protelion VPN 1 Device
  • Protelion Messenger 1 Device
  • Bestseller
  • Protelion VPN SoHo Bundle
  • 9.90
  • 118.00
  • per User for 3 Devices
  • Protelion VPN Client & Messenger
  • Protelion VPN as Service
  • Protelion SGV
  • Protelion SMC
  • Protelion VPN on 3 Devices
  • Protelion Messenger on 3 Devices
  • Protelion VPN Enterprise Bundle
  • 14.90
  • 178.80
  • per User for 5 Devices
  • Protelion VPN Client & Messenger
  • Protelion VPN as Service
  • Protelion SGV
  • Protelion SMC
  • Protelion VPN on 5 Devices
  • Protelion Messenger on 5 Devices

Protelion Security Gateway

You can add anytime your own Protelion Security Gateway's to connect tunneled shared resources from any network of your choice, locally in your LAN of your Office, Branches or in the Cloud / Datacenter as a Virtual Appliance, Hardware Appliance or for small networks, with a RaspberryPi 4.
  • Optional
  • Protelion Security Gateway
  • 20.00
  • «monthly»

    Choose your Protelion SGA Type
  • Local Protelion SGV
  • Local Domain Controller
  • Local Firewall
  • Multiple DNS Profiles
  • Tunnel Single Device
  • Tunnel Single or Multiple Net(s)
  • Hardware or Virtual Appliance available
On Order, you can customize your desired Appliance Type and IP Stack for your Protelion as a Service.
If you choose to go with a Hardware Appliance instead a Virtual, contact us for the pre-installed Hardware Specs.

Unlike on other available technologies, the maximum available encryption pass-trough capacity is up to 6.1 GB/s.

End User Software

The only minimum requirement to enjoy all benefits of the Protelion Technology is to run the Protelion VPN Client on your Device and we support all Platforms. If you enabled the Protelion Enterprise Messenger, you are able not only to make Video or Audio calls, chat and file transfer, but you can also integrate your Business VoIP PBX to receive or make fully encrypted Land Line Calls, from and to your PBX.

Protelion Enterprise Messenger also supports Pincode, Touch-ID or Face-ID and during a Video Call you can enable also Screensharing (Desktop only).

The Protelion VPN Software are available both, in the App Store of your Platform or as an Installer for your Favorite MDM Solutions like JAMF or MobileIron, beside of Apple’s Business Manager.

Download Protelion VPN Client

Other platforms

For other platforms such as embedded Windows, BSD, Docker, Sailfish OS or for your Mobile Device Management Platform, please contact us.

Protelion Enterprise Messenger

Protelion presents its solution for mobile secure communication — Protelion VPN and Protelion Enterprise Messenger — providing the real high secure Point-to-Point encrypted communication on all mobile devices.

Download Protelion Enterprise Messenger

Protelion Enterprise Messenger

Protelion P2P VPN and its CryptoCore is a product line designed to meet data security challenges
in communications over public networks and dedicated data exchange channels. Protelion Enterprise Messenger is a truly secure
Messenger Service which goes Encrypted Peer to Peer, where every IP Packet
gets an new abbreviation of the encryption key.

CryptoCore Encryption
Own CPNS Push Servers
Encrypted Rich Media Client
Protected Groupchats
Encrypted Video Calls
Encrypted Audio & SIP Calls
Encrypted File Transfer
Status for received/read

Protelion Security
Management Console
Protelion Security Management Center

The Protelion Security Management Center let you manage your users, user groups, client and host groups, policies, tunneled resources and which of your user clients are linked to together. You can also manage Partner Organization Peer to Peer Requests, where you see only shared resources or clients with you and not the entire Partner Organization.

Managing Factory Robots, Cell Phone Towers or any other Node which requires secure monitoring and maintenance was never easier and more secure. Also for your Partner, because you can’t access anything else than authorized, shared and linked Nodes. The encrypted way.

The Protelion VPN Client for Windows also sports RDP and Putty Support. On macOS and Linux you use the built-in Applications to connect encrypted over the allocated Virtual IP from your Node Lists Peer to Peer. And there is no Overhead or Bottlenecks as known from other VPN Solutions. Protelion VPN sends only related traffic encrypted peer to peer over its virtual ip network. Nothing else matters.

Enhance: Connectivity. Security. Bandwith
One packet to the right, one to the middle and one to the left...
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