Privacy Policy

Provisions for Data Protection and Data Collection

We distinguish between the protection of your data, which we treat and process as an asset of utmost importance, and the collection of data for the provision of our services as well as the collection of log data for the evaluation and use of this website and of technical services, as follows:

Personal data

Your personal details, including address, email and telephone numbers, are carefully stored and are not commercially traded as such. In order to fulfil the order, in particular when it involves a third-party service provider such as installers or iQcom partners, your contact details will be made available to third-party companies or persons known to us.

Creation of profiles, data collecting and mining

Offers, invoices, payments, and the itemized list of connections in accordance with statutory requirements as a telecommunications provider, as well as correspondence will be stored in connection with your personal contact data, as linked to your QuadCom account.

Your surfing history, either in your function as an Internet Access customer or as a visitor to our website, will not be indexed or linked to your personal account. We are aware that it is common practice in the industry in order to offer you a loyalty benefit when you access websites of competitors. With the exception of LI orders, which may be ordered by a court in order to clarify criminally relevant facts, we refrain from DNS indexing for a number of different reasons.

Website Analytic, cookies and logging

To process your order, shopping cart or ticket in technical terms, we, like all website operators, rely on cookies with a half-life of 6 weeks, to ensure that your shopping cart, project, collective offer, lists etc. will be maintained accordingly. Furthermore, we partly rely on Google Analytic Tracker to improve the user-friendliness of our website. No personal data will be stored with this service. At iQcom, we do not use Google Analytic. iQcom uses own provided solutions such as the open source solution of Matomo. This means that there is no flow of IP data.

iQcom records the minimum that we have to log as an internet service provider to ensure the availability and quality of our own services. No logs with personal data are combined through SE; we use syslogs to secure our services. We regard you as a paying customer who receives a service, not a product that we need to monetize.

Of course, we provide you with Internet Access 4 DNS servers available for selection, which are considered to be free of censorship. Two from the nearest point of presence, two from the data center Z1, Z2. You can define them yourself in your modem/router.

With our SD-WAN services as part of our managed services, we offer business customers the use of content filter with SSL interception to comply with policies that can be granularly linked by hosts, host groups, departments with quotas and time schedules via the optional managed firewall options. Standard VPN services go freely into the network without content filters, which is the purpose of a VPN service.

We guarantee net neutrality on our Access servers, where no providers of streaming content or content provider are blocked or treated adversely. To enable fast switching times on the DigitalTV via IP feeds, we rely on MultiCast and allow the live signal of close to 150 TV channels circulate in the network with an access feed from IQcom, so that your TV device does not even have to connect to the data center. At the same time, we make sure that this class of layer does not affect your bandwidth profile.

General Data Protection Regulation

Based in Switzerland, which generally boasts the strictest privacy and data protection laws in force, we are exempt from the GPDR, which generally applies to telecom service providers throughout the EU. We welcome all efforts that lead to better data protection. If you want to improve your personal data protection, take a closer look at some of the free services where your shared content and personal data form the capital. And ask yourself whether your bank has sent you an information email about the GDPR.

We offer you the option of publishing your data, which you can do yourself in the customer portal, but wish to point out that we nevertheless comply with the statutory retention obligation under Swiss law for relevant communications and documents. This includes email correspondence, invoices and proof of payment as well as the connection data (CDR) in accordance with the respective minimum statutory requirements.

Last updated: 30 May 2022