Axelor CRM-ERP-BPM as a Service

Low Code. Open Source

A low code platform for ERP, CRM and BMP with a wide spread in the Service, Manufacturing and Distribution Industries, among the Public Sector.

The Philosophy behind the platform is to provide a comprehensive stack of Application and built-in SDK to customize the Application to the organisations requirements, rather than the organization has to change its workflows to the Software.

Axelor Feature Overview

Optimize Your Time, Reduce Costs, and Manage Your Entire Business in the Blink of an Eye.

Project Management
Human Ressources
Stock Management
Forecast Management
Cash Management
Purchase Management
Supply Chain Management
Sales Management
Calendar & Tasks Integrations
Customer Portal
BPM & Automatisation
App Builder
BPM Builder
Built-in App Store
Mobile Apps

Built-in Apps - Studio & Process Modeler

Built-in App and Business Prozess Builders enhance the Application Framework for Adhoc Customizations. However, depends on the size of the Company and its requirement, the Low Code Platform based on a Java - Tomcat and SDK Framework allows to create own Modules or extensions of existing Applications with low efforts and update proof.

Our Services

As an Axelor Strategic Partner, iQcom’s Software DevOps and Business Analytic Team delivers for Axelor the Cloud Platform for Continuously Delivery of Updates and Provisioning for their broad Partner Network and their clients.

Plesae note, iQcom does not offer Customizations for Axelor, beside of Print-forms, Mail & Notification templates. But we will connect you to the right Developers, where we can act as Interface between.

We truly focus on Service delivery.

Axelor as a Service

Our scalable & fast cluster environment enables you to work fast. Anywhere.
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  • Unlimited Users. Forum Support.
  • All Applications
  • APGL License
  • Accessibility of Source Code
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  • Maintenance
  • SLA
  • Help/Support
  • Cloud Offer Option
  • Premium Connectors
  • Dedicated Premium Unit
  • Advanced BI
  • SwissDec
  • Enterprise Starter
  • 319.00
  • 3719.00
  • including 3 User Licenses
  • Axelor Enterprise Edition
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  • Commercial License
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  • SLA 5x8
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  • 3 Users Licenses inclusive
  • each additional User 35€/mnth
  • SwissDec
  • Enterprise Pro
  • 499.00
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  • including 5 User Licenses
  • Axelor Enterprise Pro Edition
  • All Applications
  • Commercial License
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  • SLA 5x13
  • Help/Support
  • Cloud Offer Option
  • Premium Connectors
  • Dedicated Premium Unit
  • Advanced BI
  • 5 User Licenses inclusive
  • each add. User 35€/mnth
  • Optional
  • Enterprise DevOps
  • 249.00
  • 2799.00
  • Onetime Setup 799.-
  • Axelor Dev - Test - Productive ENV
  • GitLab Project ENV
  • Staged Cluster ENV
  • Kubernetes ENV
  • Deployer ENV
  • Axelor ENT D-A-CH
  • SLA 5x8
  • Onboarding
Commercial Enterprise License is sold 35€ per Month per User. or 30€ per Month per User paid annually.
Available User Packs are 3, 5, 10, 50.
Subscription contract minimum period is 12 months and can be canceled with 30 days prior notice any time afterwards.

Axelor Apps

Axelor is pure Web Application and runs in any modern Web Browser. Axelor Mobile Apps are available in the App Stores for Apple iOS and Google Android.

Define who can do what

Axelor offers a comprehensive Permission Model in its Application where you can define granular what kind of Apps and Actions per User, User Groups are available on the Mobile Apps.
It can be also customized or used in Stock Management as Scan App.

Axelor App

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