iQmailr – that your Message hits the clients Mailbox

Hitting the Mailbox

We believe it is by far the best newsletter solution on the market, which also reaches your customers. Simple, from designing to sending and managing your list, it delivers graphical evaluations you can understand. You can combine it easy with iQ LNKR to analyze call to actions. Responsive Template & Campaign Management lets you quickly share the news to your target lists, segments or tagged interest groups.

And no. It does not automate Follow-up mails to your audience. Because its anoying. But Webhooks and an API is built-in to trigger Events with Data to your favorite Applications, like a CRM.

iQmailr Features Overview

iQmailr is compared to other Services on the Market in Average 50% cheaper and hits the Mailbox with 300% more efficiency.

The Dashboard gives you an Insight about recently key data for your Lists, Messages, Campaigns, Campaign views and Click rates
Lists Management
Import and manage your Lists, categorize them, taggin them. Quick Action to create a campaign to this Target List
Form Managemet
Single and Double opt-in feature for public lists. Create new Signup Forms Double-opt-in/out Landing Page to manage preferences
Users can be imported to lists, You can block, edit, delete them, copy then other targets-lists, send optin-request/confirmations...
Campaign Managemt
Manage your campaign with targets lists, categories, lists or tags. Send now or on specific date and time
Mail Templates
Built-in Plain & HTML Template Editor, and a local Media & File Manager for your content.
Define Targets & Data to send to third-party Application. Can also be used to managed bounced Mails.
You have campaign wide analytics, you can filter by date range and gets a visualization about Views, Clicks, Bounces, Blockings...

Messenger Integrations

You can connect to several popular messenger services and you can send your valuable informations to your Group & Channels over iQmailr

Send your News to your Telegram Audience
Send your News to your Facebook Messenger Audience
Send your News to your Rocket Chat Audience
Send your News to selected qTeams Channels


Get it with your Domain/Subdomain.
  • monthly
  • iQmailr
  • 199
  • per Month
  • Professional Newsletter Tool without ugly limitations of features or amount of lists, or email-contacts.
  • Your xy.mycompany.TLD
  • Your Mail Domain
  • Our CDN
  • Our Global Peerings
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Lists
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • 100'000 Mails / Month
  • One time
  • iQmail Onboarding
  • 499.00
  • per Company one Time
  • Full Setup & Training
  • Domain Setup
  • Mail Setup
  • 1 List Setup
  • 1 Campaign Setup
  • 1 Opt-in Form
  • 1 Template with your CI
  • 1 Import of Contacts to 1 List
  • 45 Minutes Training
  • Access to further ressources
Subscription can be canceled within 30 days to end of month.
Onboarding is a one time setup & training fee.

There are a few things more

But we can't fill all features here. Check out our Blog, Webinars or simply contact us.