iQmeet – schedule your Meetings the clever way

Let's be honest

We are driven by our calendars, tasks, project meetings, and when you have a client or partner on the phone, we lose precious time to find an appointment together...

This is where iQmeet comes in

It solves exactly this problem in such a way that you as a user/employee keep control over your calendar and nothing is forgotten.

As the only appointment finder ever, iQmeet is compatible with all calendar systems. Not only with GoogleMail or Office365. But also with CalDav Systems, Kerio Connect and what they are all called.

iQmeet Features Overview

iQmeet can run under your own domain name. Another advantage so that your customers know from the beginning that there are at the right place.

Calendar View
The Calendar view shows all appointments from all your calendars, even those that are synchronized.
Categories Management
Define the type of appointments, e.g. consulting, sales support, training. You group your Sessions into it.
Service Managemet
Define the services, time limited, free or with a price. Each service gets a direct link to book.
An overview at all times of which customer has booked which appointment or consultation.
User Management
Not like other services. You can create your employees as users, unlimited, but only with the same email domain.
Secretaries Management
Your secretary receives the appointment requests, and coordinates it with your calendar. All requests go to the secretary.
Admins Management
Users who can manage the system and also export data. Admin users are created first.
Calendar Syncs
Integration with your real calendar, displayed Free / Busy and depending on settings, an appointment can be booked at free entries with a definable lead time in minutes / hours / days at free periods.
Day & Slot Limitation
You specify whether you release this type of appointment or this appointment type for booking only on certain days at certain hours.
Working Hours & Breaks
Define for each Week Day your Working Hours and Breaks for Lunch. You can multiple Breaks.
Free or Paid
For each type of service you enable to book, you can determine if it is free or if your time must be paid.
Payment Gateways
Paypal is integrated. If you do not fill out one, you can also simply send an invoice to the customer for a paid meeting / consulting / support topic. Invoice or prepayment is supported or free of charge.


Get it with your Domain/Subdomain.
  • monthly
  • iQmeet
  • 9.90
  • 99.00
  • per Month
  • Professional Newsletter Tool without ugly limitations of features or amount of lists, or email-contacts.
  • Your xy.mycompany.TLD
  • Our CDN
  • Our Global Peerings
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Services
  • Sync with all Calendar Providers
  • One time
  • iQmeet Onboarding
  • 199.00
  • per Company one Time
  • Full Setup & Training
  • Training
  • Testing
  • E-Mail Footer Example
  • Website Integration Example
  • Access to further ressources
Subscription can be canceled within 30 days to end of month.
Onboarding is a one time setup & training fee. Not mandatory but recommended.

Thinking things through

In short, iQmeet does what we do with all our solutions. Think things through to the end. Each appointment service has a link to copy, which you can conveniently deposit in your website or in the footer of your email. Besides normal web links, the booking form also works very elegantly in lightbox fade in on web pages.

iQmeet can run under your own domain name. Another advantage so that your customers know from the beginning that there are at the right place. The branding options are company name and logo that can be deposited.
Private Cloud Service Swiss Made. Unfortunately cool.