The future of team collaboration

We believe that the future of the modern Internet is decentralized. It offers less bottlenecks, more security & protection for intellectual property. Using modern technologies like HTTPS 3.0 with TLS 1.3 & Blockchain, makes not only real time communication amazingly fast, but also secure.
Teams not only runs flawless on any modern Web Browser, as Desktop App on any OS, Android and on iOS. It runs either as your private Cloud, on Premise in your Rack or as hybrid option. Furthermore it allows you to invite external collaborators, both qTeams Users and Guests.

Automate with over 700'000 Apps & Services

Open. Standards. API. Webhooks. Plugins & Bots. Anything else?

Depends on your environment & company policies, you can plug & automate 700000 Apps & Services.

Your SysAdmins gonna love it. Open Standards to manage it their way. But for sure, you can also simply use qTeams as your SAML oAuth.

Still paying to centralized bottlenecks - where your Attendees needs to download something?
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One reason we started this was - we became so bored with everything else
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Notifications are a dilema. Privacy too. The clever way not. Granularity
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