Bluetti Power meets Switzerland

Bluetti Power meets Switzerland

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Last week we had the pleasure to host our partner Wells from Bluetti Power in China, more precisely from Shenzen, at iQcom (Switzerland) for a few days where technology enthusiasts were among themselves.

Besides new products that will be launched soon, like the Bluetti Powerstation AC60p and the Bluetti Powerstation AC180p, which will please mobile outdoor users ESTI compliant with the new B80 battery modules, we of course also talked a lot about the general situation in the world and also discussed another joint project, which will definitely have a shake-up effect. In short, iQcom will license a development from the drawer to Bluetti (Our drawer is pretty full).

But of course we also took the time to show Switzerland from its best side. Since the weather didn't cooperate, we did a city tour with Wells last weekend instead of a mountain tour.

In Basel, in addition to the Jean Tinguely Museum, he was very impressed by the cathedral, which then led to a philosophical journey from the ancient Romans to the Ming to the Qin dynasty while having tea together in the inn across the street. Of course, letterpress printing and the ominous journey of the first printing plates arriving in Switzerland, coming from Mainz, were not neglected either. It was already the case at that time that the authorities determined what was printed and what was not, and who had access to knowledge and who did not. So basically similar to the recent history of the new age.

We concluded this discussion by noting that China's history over a period of nearly 12 thousand years is seamless, with all the knowledge in the essential sectors of health, history, agricultural and social perfectly documented and available to their population across the spectrum not only retrievable, but still taught in today's schools, while Europe under the rule of the Roman Empire and the early imperialist seafaring and trading nations of England, Holland and France had to experience regular "Great Resets" through various knowledge destruction and book burnings, until the Library of Alexandria.

Impressive for the traveling Chinese was certainly the good preservation of the old, well-kept architectures in this country, which was indeed spared and preserved in Switzerland due to its history in the Second World War, unlike other European cities.

"Switzerland was always wise, how to make Business and learn about, when a Business Model runs out" was his comment to it, which I was allowed to hear a long time ago also once from official side. If this wisdom is given at the moment, history will have to show...

Finally, we discussed the optimizations on the production side and regulatory changes in the EU, which are gradually becoming more and more, as well as the iQcom Cubus in Yerevan, which is still in the planning stage and will also include a Bluetti brand store.

Finally, topics in procurement were also discussed, for example the payment currency for our production orders in China. Whereas in the past we made our purchases in China in USD, the latest orders are now to be settled in the Chinese currency Renminbi/Yuan, which offers both sides a simpler basis for calculation with fewer risks.

And since the Swiss franc outside the Euro zone has lost 40% of its value in the last 14 months, we smiled at the idea of introducing "Gold-Vreneli" as a payment currency for our customers, which we finally rejected for logistical reasons.

It was, like our constant cooperation, a cordial meeting, which offers more material than we have time to write about, and we are looking forward to the next few days of exchange between technology enthusiasts, fathers and friends, which will take place in Shenzen.


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