iQcom goes Autark

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For years we have been connecting people. Remote places. Robotic factories. Vehicles. Journalists. Rescue team's.

We connect you with MobileWAN solutions from iQcom, bundling different WAN media like satellite. Fiber. VDSL and LTE to virtual leased lines. Or configure multi-path WAN up to 1GB/s even in the furthest valley in the Alps.

We ensure that during natural disasters, provider failure, people can work, talk to each other. That rescue teams can coordinate. That factories can produce.

Now we also take care of the energy supply. Off-grid, on-grid and hybrid. With and without the necessary power storage. For home, in the company, in the hospital, in the train, in the truck, in the IoT device, in the LTE radio cell, in the outdoor area, for travelers and for craftsmen.

For home up to 52 KWh storage. For companies as needed. For IoT & Public Transport. Camping customized.

iQcom has taken over the distribution of Bluetti Power, Power Oak and Bluesun Solar as of 1.12.2021 for Switzerland, EU and Middle East, and will also do the order fulfillment for Bluetti's own direct sales. For this purpose, warehousing and logistics have also been set up at our new location.

No matter what project you want to tackle with energy and storage. Our newly created team will support you. And in addition to Custom Applications, we can also custom manufacture targeted rollable, foldable monocrystalline solar cells. And we can power IoT devices directly with solar, without the need for a battery.

Of course, we didn't just start doing this today. We've done dozens of projects with these companies in the public, private sector. But as of today, we're doing it for everyone.

Bluetti is and will remain unrivaled in terms of performance, price/performance and degree of innovation in the near future. The raw material stocks are full for the next 3 years.

And of course there will be one or two other innovations in the field of autonomous power supply in 2022. It has never been easier to supply yourself with energy sustainably. Whether to provide for a blackout or to achieve self-sufficiency. In addition to solar, we will come up with other energy sources in 2022, which can be retrofitted inexpensively to any single-family home.

What to wait for when you should take care of the essential things in life by yourself? We just say:

Do it!

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