qTeamsMeet 3.0 released | Release notes

qTeamsMeet has been enhanced to include new features both for integral solution from within the qTeams.io app, as well as from the webinar console...

qTeamsMeet has been extended both for integral solution from the qTeams.io app, as well as from the webinar console on new features that our SME customers have brought to us, what they would like to have, which can be used with any modern web browser without additional download:

Presentation Layout Modes

  • Custom Layout
  • Automatic layout
  • Presentation in the center
  • Distribute custom layout to all attendees
  • Distribute automatic layout to all participants
  • Distribute presentation in the center to all participants
  • Distribute video in the center to all participants

The new presentation mode, which we already had once in 20212 in the (ancient) Flash application, has been ported to HTML 5 with CSS3 and allows professional presentation mode to be dynamically distributed to all participants to focus on what is being presented.

Video & Audio Enhancements

  • Video conferences allow each participant to choose a virtual background
  • Video image transmission of a participant: mirror, or fix on top
  • Audio and video settings for hardware sources can be changed during the meeting without reconnecting


  • Download a slide of your choice with annotations
  • Show and hide presentation window (if allowed)

Raise your Hand improvements

When a participant raises a hand, it is displayed to moderators and presenters with a modal fade-in. If the participant is connected with video, it is visible in his video image as status, as well as in the sidebar of the participant overview.

General notifications revised

New participants and interactions are notified to moderators and presenters with a modal fade in that automatically disappears after 5 sec, or can be clicked away.

New Presenting Dialog Options

  • Share now any Video to Audience allows any kind of Video URL, with a MIME ending of .mp4 and also allows to share any PeerTube Video by URL, before only YouTube Videos could be shared.
  • Switch easy between Uploaded Documents
  • Survey/Poll User Interface enhancements
  • Select randomly/shuffle next Presenter, ideally in Conversation Groups or Learning Sessions

Revised list of participants

  • Participants are displayed with additional icons about activated hardware, e.g. webcam, headset
  • Status is shown in the video window

Set status

  • Participants can put status about emotions, thumbs up, confused, raise hand, etc. Emoticons Options got extended
  • If a participant changes his status, a modal fade in is presented to the presenters / moderators as notification
  • It is displayed in the video chat at the participant
  • Moderator / Presenter can delete all User status at once

Participant settings

Guest access rules

Guest access rules, which can be set for non-code protected rooms adhoc (adhoc meetings) and the invitation URL is visible in the meeting:

  • Ask Moderator
  • Always accept
  • Always refuse

Save participant names

Saves all attendee names for export as CSV, ideal for training seminars where an attendance confirmation is to be given to the client.

Restrict participant rights

  • Show / hide webcam
  • Show or hide other participants webcams
  • Enable microphone
  • Allow / disallow public chat messages
  • Allow / disallow private chat messages
  • Show participant list for others
  • Sow cursor / or hide for other participants webcams

Improvements in connection status info

Clean display of used protocols, if supported by the browser, for video, audio and streams as well as their bitrate (TX/RX)

Enhanced Full-screen Mode

Full screen displays now scale to 34:9 inch wide screen displays Function icons for interaction are displayed when the mouse is moved.

Group rooms extension

Group rooms for individual workshops, onboarding or learning rooms, to which participants can be assigned either manually, by the participant himself or randomly to participate together in documents or discussions, was extended to include the

Learning Dashboard

Participant interactions, visits to the subsequent workshops can be evaluated accordingly. Ideal for learning groups, onboarding or discussion groups.

Feedback from our qTeamsMeet survey on what users like most about our Webinar- Webmeet and Conference solution (top 3 answers):

  1. Excellent audio quality, which outperforms other solutions
  2. Even with multiple video participants, audio and video are synchronous
  3. No download necessary, easy to use in the web browser

Live Streams of Keynotes

Live streams of keynotes up to 1 million concurrent attendees, as always, must be pre-registered so that we can provide the live stream accordingly with our CDN.

We are excited to share with all qTeamsMeet users the new features that can be used immediately and wish: Happy Meet & Share!

Additional Information

Official Website: https://www.qteams.io

On this Website: https://www.iqcom.cloud/saas/qteams

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