We have listened to you

We have listened to you

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And we moved the bar up again. Up to 80 KWh of energy storage for the home. Modular, of course.

Bluetti Power EP600

Combine multiple converters and B600 batteries up to 79 kilowatt hours with solar or grid. Thanks to the enormous 6000 Watt solar inputs per inverter, the batteries are full within 2.3 hours.

Plug & Play. Indoors and outdoors.

Easy to set up. Plug & Play

No matter if On-Grid. Off-Grid, or Hybrid.

The new Bluetti Power App

You decide how your power flows. First the batteries, then into the grid… With the new Bluetti Power EP600 converter and B600 storage modules, an average single-family home with 11KWh energy demand stays off-grid for 6 days, without sun or power from the local supplier. Just under 2.5 hours of sun is enough to get the storage full. That's what we call efficiency.

10 years warranty

Bluetti Power is only the world leader in terms of technology and sales. No, the warranty policy is also world class. 10 years warranty on the EP600 and B600 modules is called warranty.

There is already a waiting list. Just like the AC500 from Bluetti. So, if you want to be among the first owners when the Bluetti EP600 system is available in Switzerland, sign up.

PS: We have just received a few containers from the top sellers: AC200 Max, AC300 and B300 besides EP500pro. Delivery within 2–3 days from order. Online or by e-mail!

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