Intellectual Property - Legelata Law Firm

Intellectual Property - Legelata Law Firm

Legelata Law Firm, headquartered in Yerevan, specializes in intellectual property, patents and trade secrets, with a global tech & corporation customer base.

With more than 28 lawyers, it serves tech and large companies worldwide in the areas of commercial law, innovation protection and intellectual property, but also accompanies merger & acquisition processes of American, Chinese or Russian companies in order to recently successfully accompanied the acquisition of the well-known app Pixelmator.

In order to manage their work in a highly competitive industry around Trade Secrets even in difficult situations, Legelata relied on iQcom's expertise in two different areas:

  • Power supply of your offices
  • Cyber Security of all computers, servers and cell phones, meeting rooms

Energy Backup Power with Bluetti Power Stations

To ensure that in a fluctuating and unstable power supply environment, all employees can still perform their work with full lighting and Internet connectivity in the event of a power interruption, iQcom has equipped the offices with Bluetti Power's AC300, each floor of the office complex, with 12.3 KWh storage capacity via the B300 battery storage modules, which can be connected plug & play.

Thanks to this setup, the entire staff can easily work a whole day in case of power failure, without even noticing it, thanks to the UPS mode of the Bluetti Power Station AC300, serving themselves with drinks from the refrigerator or the coffee machines, as if nothing happened.

And since the power cuts due to the overload of the network, partly also badly maintained infrastructures on the part of the EW operators, or in some countries due to political decisions, are increasing, and partly regionally already several times weekly from 3-5 hours occur, this investment for the protection of the loss of productivity has already paid off after one month.

Attorney Arthur Buduryan says: "The cool thing about the Bluetti Power Stations is that you effectively don't notice anything, except for a push message to your cell phone that the operator has just lost power again. - And anyone who can do a little math knows that this investment pays for itself very quickly, since 28 employees who can't work for a few hours a day, and recurrently, because of a power outage is simply dead human capital.

Cyber Security

With deals that sometimes exceed 100 million dollars, the other side does not sleep and increasingly more perfidious measures are being taken in order to have an information advantage.

This ranges from radio relay interceptions of meeting rooms to cyber attacks on cloud infrastructures. Therefore, we decided to take advantage of the tremendous depth of knowledge of iQcom's cyber security specialists, who have 150 cyber security officers in the control room in Yerevan alone, as do other iQcom customers who want to protect business information.

"One of the great features, which I really appreciate to prevent possible careless leaks by user misfortunes, is that when the smartphones of the employees are running in the whole system, the hybrid locally at us and at iQcom, that you can prohibit the screenshot functionality of the smartphones at the application level per user or user groups, as well as that all smartphone traffic goes directly through our X-Firewall first. Malware has no chance to get on it from the outside. Leaks from the inside to the outside are thus prevented."

If malware finds its way onto a device via Bluetooth or WiFi jamming, the A.I.-based cyber security solution Protelion detects this threat and the device can be automatically blocked and excluded from the network and application service, rocked and re-recorded from a backup. It's beyond the scope, but it pretty much tops anything on the market.

Key Figures Power Backup / Continuoation

  • Bluetti Power AC300 & 4xB300 battery extensions, 12.3 KWh
  • (per floor with 12 offices and 2 meeting rooms each, 14 PCs each, 2 network printers, light coffee machine & refrigerator)

Key Figures Cyber Security

  • Protelion VPN
  • Protelion Enterprise Messenger
  • Protelion TDM+A
  • Protelion Firewall
  • Protelion MobileOS
  • Special precautions in meeting rooms

Even if many companies do not want to understand it until today, the own business strategy, the know-how, no matter if service company or in the manufacturing industry, is the capital and the guarantor for sustainable success. To protect this is not exorbitantly expensive. Losing it or giving competitors an advantage, on the other hand, is.


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Products in Use

  • Bluetti AC300

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  • Inverter Module Generator
  • Bluetti AC300
  • Bluetti B300 Battery

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  • Bluetti Battery Expansion 3072 Wh
  • Bluetti B300 Battery

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