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Our video portal supports you in the area of self-help and tutorials, from software solutions to energy components.

Support – Forum und Resources

As an iQcom customer or partner, you can interact with us directly via iQcom's customer portal.

In the integrated helpdesk you can record your support cases, or in ongoing projects under tickets you can also request change requests or work together on project tasks. Likewise, you have insight into the commercial aspects between your organization and iQcom, depending on your user role. in the eShop you can also easily order products or service extensions.

About User Logins

Your organization can provide all your relevant employees with a customer portal login at iQcom, which can also have different roles assigned. This makes sense for larger organizations or projects and drastically reduces the flood of emails.

In addition to username and password, a check of your IP address takes place, which we record as Authorized IP Access in relation to the username for both your workplace and HomeOffice. If you come from an unauthorized IP address, you will not be able to log in.

What you can do with your cockpit to us, you will learn in the following video:

If you already have a login, you can register here:

Request a login

If you don't have a dedicated Login yet, you can request one:

Further documentation and contact options

For general information on the support processes, please refer to the PDF instructions. We would like to point out that you must create a HelpDesk ticket for each support case so that we can solve your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are also available by phone at: +41 58 600 66 66 at your disposal.

We would also be happy to show you the possibilities in person in a web meeting on request.

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