Release of iQpbx 16

Release of iQpbx 16

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iQcom (Switzerland) GmbH & iQcom EurAsia LLC is convinced that the new iQPBX in release 16 offers features that are integrated in your subscription that are unique. Once again we have responded to customer requests.

As a highlight, we have rethought and implemented the often-requested visual editing capability of caller flows that QloudPBX offered from 2014–2020, State of the Art.

The iQpbx is also available on appliances for the local rack and can also be operated in hybrid mode. If you prefer a local variant for regulatory or other reasons, please contact us for a non-binding offer.

In iQcom's new customer portal, you can also see expansion options in addition to your invoices in the integrated e-Shop or request support. Find out more at

You can find our latest offers for telephony, Internet and LTE on our website for

Onboarding & Sys Admin Training Packages

iQcom offers appropriate onboarding and training sessions for Sys IT Admin, so they can quickly and confidently learn and implement the new features.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

New in the offer:

Professional speakers of audio announcements, which are multilingual.
Global Number Porting – New Countries available upon request.

BTW: Did you know, the cheapest VoIP Account on earth – it’s the one of iQcom.

The following changes are included the Release 16

  • All new Admin web portal
  • All new rebranding engine
  • Rewritten all REST APIs
  • Integrated SBC
  • Support Microsoft Teams Direct Routing
  • Introduced dealer system, including distributor, sub-distributor, reseller levels
  • Multiple office hours per day
  • Route calls based on the DID number range
  • Visual IVR Editor
  • Support call park and group call park
  • Support group pickup
  • Support shared voicemail
  • Support automatic callback
  • Support queue callback
  • Support rich call reports, especially for the queue, ring group
  • Notifications, ability to configure the types of email notifications that the system sends to users
  • Custom notifications template
  • Custom IP Phone template
  • Roles Based Permissions
  • Custom Roles
  • Rich Feature Access Codes (Dial Codes)
  • Password Policy
  • Custom Password Policy
  • Billing on tenant
  • Billing on user
  • Online charging
  • Offline charging
  • Voice Announcement
  • Audit log viewer
  • Trunk-Based Outbound Caller ID
  • Outbound caller ID for tenant
  • User Profile Picture
  • RFC3323 Privacy Mechanism
  • Priority for outbound rules
  • Enhance Privacy to meet compliance requirements, such as automatically stopping recording if the call is between two external numbers
  • Improve performance on Web GUI

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